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Corporate Investigations Derby

Whether you company need a private investigator in Derby or in the UK, our agency is at your disposal. Our capable detectives are equipped to handle all types of cases involving corporate investigations, including employee monitoring, checking the references of the future candidates, performing background checks on members of the staff and much more.

Private investigators of Derby, UK, can help regarding a wide spectrum of cases, thanks to the versatility of our detectives. They are capable of performing more standard corporate investigations, such as background checks, asset tracing, monitoring the work force, as well as investigations that are tailored to the demands of the client

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Derby Corporate Investigations

Annually, various companies lose billions of money due to fraud cases. This usually results due to rogue employees who are out to do malicious things to the company for selfish gains. In the long run, employers are left with frustrations, while the company or organization is wallowing in problems. Sometime the fraud can tarnish the company's image and this is can be very detrimental to the organization. For instance, if an organization has a bad reputation of fraud cases, they might end up losing customers. This is so, because loyal customers tend to do business with companies whose reputation is straight and clean. In an event where an employer realizes or suspects there is a fraud in an organization, immediately action should be taken. Actions aimed at detecting and investigating fraud cases should be laid down, and eventually initiate corrective and preventive measures. In this scenario, corporate investigations must be conducted, however not any layperson can conduct the process. In this case, professionals should be employed. Owing to the level of their experience, and more so, professionals like private investigators can handle the case, without the risk of failing.

Corporate Investigations in Derby

Actually, Derby private investigators go beyond solving problems, in such a manner that you will know what happened, as well as why it happened. The agency's seasoned team of professional corporate investigators has the expertise and unmatched skills to initiate an effective investigation, which will produce objective results and enable proper scrutiny. In this case, a certain client, who was the owner of a business empire, approached the Derby private investigators due to suspected accounting fraud. The organization seemed to have suffered massive losses and this triggered the management to start questioning, what really happened? When accounting fraud happens, normally the first people to be suspected are the accountants and clerks within the accountants department. In this scenario, the private investigators arranged with the client on a specific period so that they could investigate the whole issue. Here they performed an in depth auditing on all the books of account such as, ledger book, profit and loss account books, petty cash books, balance sheets, among other important things. This was meant to check, whether there was any deviation from the initial capital. Moreover, they accounted for all other expenses, however, on the verge of auditing, the private investigators also noted some big deviation. Actually, the Derby private investigators detected that there was some fraud, because a large sum of money could not be accounted for.

There was a possibility, where some employees were involved in the stock fraud, which was against the company rules and regulations. After successful corporate investigations, the private investigators in Derby handed over a full report of the corporate investigations. The report contained things such as, where the fraud occurred (department), officers who were responsible, the exact period the stock fraud took place, as well as the exact amount of fraud among other things. Nevertheless, the client was delighted for knowing the truth, and the Derby private investigators did nothing short of that.

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